WTF! Zombie Cat Dies, Gets Buried, Rises From The Dead 5 Days Later

Posted by RagnarLothbrok 4 years ago in News
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This crazy cat has proved once and for all that cats really do have nine lives... Or at the very least, two! Poor Bart was found in the street in a pool of blood by his owner, Ellis Hutson, 52. Hutson says Bart was completely lifeless. Hutson was heartbroken, and asked his friend to help bury the 23-month old cat. "We were so close, I couldn’t stand to bury him," Hutson said. "I put him on the shoulder of the road and went and got Dusty. He dug a hole and covered up the cat with dirt. I witnessed him bury the cat." Then, five days later, Bart showed up in a neighbor's yard alive! "I open the door and my neighbor's standing there with the cat in her hand," Hutson said. "She said, 'Bart is not dead.' I said, 'That’s impossible. We buried Bart.'" Bart was weak, dehydrated, and needs about $2,000 in surgery. The neighbor, Dusty Albritton, spoke to ABC News saying, “I saw him with my own eyes. I know he was dead. He was cold and stiff."

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