Man Throws 3 Year Old From 3rd Floor of Mall, Then Jumps Himself

Posted by moku 4 months ago in Absurd Asia
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"In a shopping mall in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China, a girl and a man fell off the building today. Fortunately, the two were not in danger. However, after the police investigation, it was discovered that the man was ignorant of the economic problems. He randomly picked up strange girls in the mall to find death. In this regard, netizens criticized that "I want to die if I want to die, it is too hateful!"

The incident of falling buildings in Penglaili Square, Guicheng, Foshan, Guangdong Province. The person who broke the news said that a child fell from the third floor and then a man fell and fell to the mall F1. The Nanhai Branch of the Foshan Municipal Public Security Bureau reported that two people have been taken to hospital for treatment and there is no life-threatening. The police said that the two had no kinship at all.

After preliminary investigation, the 36-year-old Li surnamed the man, who claimed to have a suspicious thought due to economic pressure, went to the third floor of the mall alone at 11 o'clock that day. At about 12 o'clock, I saw a little girl coming out of the toilet, picking up the little girl, throwing her down from the 3rd floor atrium, and then jumping off the stairs. After being treated by the hospital, the little girl has a scratch on her head and buttocks and is not life-threatening. She is now in hospital for observation and treatment.

Li Nan has multiple fractures and is not life-threatening. His alleged intentional homicide has been criminally detained by the police. Currently, the case is under further investigation."

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