The young man who disagreed with his fiancé in Istanbul tried to kill himself

Posted by moku 2019 years ago in Absurd Asia
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From the Turkish website,

A 20-year-old teenager who had been arguing with his fiancé in Istanbul Fatih attempted suicide by shooting at his chest with a cool gun. The moment of the incident was recorded by security cameras in seconds.

Olay Emin Sinan Mahallesi'nde came around at noon. According to him, Yunus B., who had a problem with his fiancé, fired at his chest with a cool gun in his workplace. The injured Yunus B. was piled up in the blood. Relatives who heard the gun voice ran to the wounded genie and reported it to the police and health teams. The wounded person was removed by Haseki Training and Research Hospital by the health teams after the first intervention was made at the scene. It has been learned that wounded genetic therapy continues.

Police crews who were observing security cameras found that the incident was an attempted suicide. The teams conducting the on-scene investigations started work on the subject.

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