EPIC FAIL! Democrat Billionaire Tom Steyer Makes a Complete Fool of Himself on MSNBC, Admits 2/3rds of People Signing to Impeach Trump DON'T VOTE!

Posted by moku 8 months ago in News
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Liberal billionaire Tom Steyer, one of the country’s leading proponents for President Trump’s impeachment, admitted to MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson on Tuesday that two-thirds of those who signed a petition for Trump’s removal “don’t vote.”

“What we see in the five-and-a-half million people who’ve signed our petition is about two-thirds of them don’t vote,” he said.

Steyer wants those Americans to show up to the polls, saying they would account for an extra 10,000 voters in each congressional district.

“Democrats want impeachment,” he added, unconcerned that impeachment could motivate GOP voters.

Jackson highlighted a poll that showed more Americans than not think a candidate’s commitment to impeachment would make them “less likely” to vote for the candidate.

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