CNN HILARIOUSLY Gets Thrown Out after Trespassing to Dig through the Trash of a Russian Trolls House HOPING to Find Evidence He Colluded with President Trump's Campaign

Posted by moku 12 months ago in FAIL!
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On Monday, CNN went to the building in Russia where the alleged Russian troll factory operated during the 2016 presidential election so they could dig through their trash and try to enter the facility.

CNN sent chief international correspondent Matthew Chance to the Internet Research Agency, the name of the firm Special Counsel Robert Mueller claims is responsible for meddling in the 2016 presidential election, to see if he could uncover any clues from the building.

During a segment with CNN's Jim Sciutto, Chance said, "We came here expecting this office to be empty, but, in fact, all day here, we’ve been here throughout the course of the day, people have been going in and out."

"We went to the trash can to see what we could find because we saw people dumping rubbish there," Chance continued. "New computers, new computers are being delivered here and they're throwing away the rubbish."

Chance tried to speak with a man who appeared to work in the building, asking him if he was a troll before getting smoke blown in his face as they then tried to follow him into the building.

Upon entering the building, CNN was quickly thrown out by men who appeared to be working security and were clearly not happy to see them there.

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