Car cuts up lorry with inches to spare before motorist inexplicably slams on brakes in front of HGV

Posted by The King Slayer 1 year ago in WTF
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This is the shocking moment a lorry driver was forced to slam on the brakes after a car cut him off at high speed on a busy road with only inches to spare.

Dashcam footage shows the apparently impatient Peugeot 107 overtake the lorry on the chevrons before slowing down to a complete stop ahead of the lorry on the A638.

The car comes so close to the huge vehicle it disappears below the dash camera mounted in the lorry - while the driver frantically hammers the horn.

Bizarrely when the Peugeot comes to a complete stop in the busy road the driver gets out and lies down in the road, apparently inspecting his rear bumper.

The exasperated lorry driver gets out of his vehicle and points to the dash cam - before he appears to stick his fingers up at the unimpressed car driver.

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