NOT AGAIN! Spanish Libtard's Go Absolutely BONKERS As Violent Migrants Begin Being Deported

Posted by moku 1 year ago in News
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Protesters gathered outside of the Archidona migrant detention centre on Monday, to protest against the deportation of around 50 Algerian citizens.

SOT, Ruben Quirante, spokesperson of 'Plataforma Ciudadana Contra el CIE' (Spanish): "577 Algerian immigrants are locked in this prison. The process carried out by the Spanish government has been illegal from the start, beginning by locking them in a jail instead of an internment centre and also their treatment has been illegal. This is like a jungle. There are no schedules on visits. The families come from France and wait for hours behind a door to not be able to hug them, because they communicate through a glass screen, with nothing like a telephone to speak."

SOT, Ruben Quirante, spokesperson of 'Plataforma Ciudadana Contra el CIE' (Spanish): "The death on December 29 of Mohamed Budalbala, who according to the media and Archidona’s judge has been a suicide and we ask for a clear, transparent and serious investigation. We ask that they don’t deport potential witnesses. We ask the government to stop the deportations, but Archidona's court has closed the case, many of the witnesses are already deported in Algeria and now they will not be able to talk about the death of this person."

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