After a Fake News Story Published by CNN Claiming Slavery Was Occurring in Libya, Violent Protests Erupt in France

Posted by moku 12 months ago in War
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Just hours after CNN ran a fake story planning that slavery was still occurring in Libya, African and Muslim migrants took to the streets to protest, in the wrong country!

The streets of Paris were turned into a war zone after these protesters began hurling rocks, smashing stores, assaulting Parisians, and causing complete and utter chaos in the streets after a fake news story published by CNN claimed the slave trade was still going strong in Libya.

With the story left out is that the slave trade is solely controlled by the terrorist group ISIS. And has absolutely nothing to do with the French government whatsoever.

Needless to say, CNN has once again cause a riot to occur because of a fake news story.

This is reminiscent of the fake news story that calls numerous riots in the United States, such as the fake news story about Mike Brown", hands up don't shoot", or even the Freddie Gray debacle that nearly burned down most of Baltimore.

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