Latino Donald Trump supporter is beaten and bloodied at a NYC bar for wearing a MAGA Hat

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A Latino Trump-supporter was viciously attacked in a New York City bar for wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat, prompting local law enforcement to investigate whether the incident was a hate crime.

According to reports, Latino pro-Trump activist Jovi Val was attending an after-party following Milo Yiannapoulos’ ‘Dangerous’ book launch event when the incident occurred. Val was socializing with friends in a Brooklyn bar when he dropped President Trump’s signature red hat on the dance floor.

An altercation occurred between Val and two individuals who stepped on the hat; ultimately smashing the Trump supporter with a beer bottle, breaking his nose and opening a gash on his face which required 15 stitches.

The two individuals, identified as Emma Rodriguez and Leonardo Heinert, were arrested and charged with felony assault.

“Unfortunately, my face in its current state represents the two faces of politics today, right and wrong. It’s a shame I can’t even enjoy myself with my friends in my MAGA hat without having to worry about getting attacked by the Left,” Val told the Rebel Media.

Val's supporters have created a GoFundMe donation site to help with his mounting legal and medical bills.

"American Patriot *Jovi Val* leader of 'The Modern Patriots' movement, was badly injured at a local liberal NYC bar," wrote the site's creator. "This went down all because Jovi was proudly wearing his [Make America Great Again] hat to represent his country whom he truly loves."

The trend of liberal violence aimed at conservatives and pro-Trump supporters has made national headlines in recent months, including the Kathy Griffin Trump 'severed-head' photoshoot, the NYC play depicting the brutal assassination of the President, and a mass assassination attempt at a GOP baseball game in northern Virginia.

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