3 Left-Wing Anti-Trump Journalists from MSNBC, CNN, and Univision Claim the Medias Not Biased against Him before Going on Anti-Trump Tirade against Him

Posted by moku 2 years ago in News
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SNBC's Katy Tur claimed at a National Press Club panel on Friday that journalists are not biased, when moments later Univision's Jorge Ramos began castigating President Donald Trump. Several journalists were speaking at the National Press Club about the media's relationship with Trump when Tur made her claim. "Journalists aren't biased and if they do have biases, our job is to put those aside and report fairly," Tur said. "If we have any bias, it's a bias toward the facts." Tur claimed that any bias journalists have is towards democracy and truth. She then said that Trump wasn't trying to appeal to America's better side.

"He didn't appeal to the better demons of voters in this country," Tur said. "He appealed to their most base fears and their most base frustrations and angers and it worked for him." Tur said this was partly because voters no longer trusted the media or Washington, D.C. When Ramos spoke, he went directly after Trump. "If we have a president who lies; if we have a president who made racist, sexist and xenophobic remarks; if we have a president who criticizes judges and the press; if we have a president who behaved like a bully during the campaign, then we cannot remain neutral," Ramos said, referring to Trump.

"If we remain neutral with Trump, I think we are normalizing his behavior and he's not an example, not even for schoolchildren," Ramos said. Ramos has a history of criticizing Trump, and the two have argued before. Tur has gone after Trump in the past as well.

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