Leftist Filmmaker Trying to Make Money off Michael Brown's Death Loses His Mind When Facts Are Brought up during an Interview on Fox News

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Pollock’s thesis is Brown, who allegedly robbed the convenience store just before his fatal confrontation, did not rob the store, but what was previously seen on surveillance footage taking part in a drug deal that had gone bad. Authorities in Missouri dispute this claim.

Asked what difference it makes if Brown had robbed the store, since his encounter with police had nothing to do with the alleged robbery, Pollock replied, “That’s a very interesting way to phrase this ’cause I completely agree with you. And the reason we put out this convenience store tape now is so that people could get over it, because he didn’t rob the store. And anyone who sees the exchange that takes place with a conscience, a heart, two minds, and is not a bigot pretty much understands what happened.”

After that, MacCallum reminded Pollock that 40 FBI agents were dispatched to Ferguson to investigate the death. Pollock began yelling and pointing at the camera about a conspiracy to conceal the truth.

“When the facts of this case come out!” Pollock yelled. He continued to allege Brown was shot in the back of the head with a bullet being lodged in the ground, something no investigation found.

“You know how many black men are in jail right now for nothing, for nothing, because the Department of Justice failed them?!” Pollock yelled at the end of the interview.

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