Latina Illegal Immigrant Wants White People to Pay for Her Spring Break Because White People Committed "Genocide and Enslavement of Our People"

Posted by moku 2 years ago in News
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A hispanic Pitzer University student sent out an email asking fellow students, particularly white ones, to pay for her spring break. Why? Because white people are responsible for the “genocide and enslavement of our ppl” or something.

“bunch of us tryna get away from this toxic institution for the break.”

Interesting that you find Pitzer University so toxic. According to Pitzer’s website, tuition, room, and board at Pitzer a mind-blowing $66,192 a year, which means that over the course of a four-year undergraduate degree (if she finishes in four years, based on that email alone, the chances of that look slim) Miss Vargas will have blown $264,768 of someone’s money to be at this toxic institution. Vargas either has someone in her life who can afford to throw that much money at her seemingly failed college education, or is receiving BOAT LOADS of financial aid. Someone explain to me why she can’t pay for her own spring break?

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