French Riot Police FINALLY Start fighting back against Leftist and Muslim Protesters Destroying the Country

Posted by moku 2 years ago in War
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Hundreds of protesters faced off with police in the French city of Rennes, Saturday, during a march against police brutality.

Intense police presence dominated the city's town centre, as surrounding roads were blocked by police forces.

Police blocked roads and threatened to use tear gas against protesters, with scuffles breaking out between officers and demonstrators.

The protest was part of a series of anti-police brutality rallies being held across France, with thousands in attendance. They were instigated by news that a French policeman was charged with the rape and abuse of a young black man, identified as 'Theo', during a routine ID check, on February 2.

Police reportedly sexually abused the victim with a police baton during an arrest in a Paris suburb.

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