More Fascist Liberals Are Acting out in an Attempt to Stop Free Speech! Watch Them Pepper Spray Conservative Speaker Entering NYU

Posted by moku 2 years ago in News
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It wasn’t quite a repeat of the UC Berkeley riots Wednesday night, but so-called anti-fascist protesters clashed with police outside New York University, where Gavin McInnes was invited to speak by the NYU College Republicans. McInnes confirmed other reports that he was pepper-sprayed at the event. Gavin McInnes: "Thanks for asking if I'm OK guys. I was sprayed with pepper spray but being called a Nazi burned way more." -- There were reports of punches thrown by both protesters and supporters as well, but police were out in force.

Several dozen antifa, some in masks, have gathered in front of NYU Kimmel to try to shut down Gavin McInnes. Police have extinguished a flaming MAGA hat outside NYU's Kimmel Center. Chant right now is "Thank you, Berkeley!" NYPD tells protesters to stop blocking sidewalks. -- Gavin Mcinnes to spokeperson "You're a dumb liberal asshole. You think these are rational beings" -- Gavin has left the podium, doesn't intend to come back. Leaves with aforementioned scathing remark to University spokesman. Student leaving, tearing up, "I just wanted to hear the speech."

"Genocide, racial hate, America was never great" chant going on at the Gavin McInnes event. Man, the left sure knows how to convince people. -- The NYPD still stands outside NYU's Kimmel Center. There were 5 arrests. Complete shitshow. He couldn't speak - shutdown -- Only good thing was cops arresting antiFa... the new brown shirt movement destroying a campus near you soon. -- Remember all the violence and silencing of free speech we caused when Obama won? Neither do I.

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