First Somali Muslim Elected to Office is a Democrat who is Married to her own Brother!

Posted by moku 2 years ago in News
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It’s historic, blared The Star Tribune. Ilhan Omar beat incumbent Rep. Phyllis Khan in the primary and will undoubtedly win the election for the state House in Minnesota even though she married her brother while married to the father of her children.

It’s okay…it was probably just to get him into the country. How noble! The violation of immigration law shouldn’t be a problem either. That’s who we are now. Those are our values now.

There was a big grass-roots campaign run by organized leftist organizations. It’s actually an astro-turf campaign.

The Star Tribune wrote that Omar had a “vast coalition of support beyond East African citizens.” It was VAST.

“I think some people thought that she was just going to build a campaign that appealed to the Somali community, and when you really look at her campaign effort, it was a very broad cross-section of the community,” DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin said.

The Tribune didn’t mention her brother and the bigamy.

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