"Refugees Not Welcome "Polish Citizens Have Began Fighting Back against the Muslims

Posted by moku 2 years ago in News
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Yes. More people need to realise that Islam can never EVER function in any civilization that is not islamic because it goes against the entire doctrine of Islam and muslims will HAVE to denounce the islamic doctrine and the main goal of islam which is global domination if they want to assimilate into a non-muslim society. But the majority do not, they are brainwashed since the start of their life by their parents, their relatives, their mosques, their schools and their entire surrounding that keeps telling them and reminding them that Islam is perfect and everyone who is not a muslim is just filth that is standing in the way of islamic glory. Now how can you assimilate a person like that? How can you assimilate 1000 of them, or 100,000 or even a million? You can’t because in their mind you have to assimilate after them even if they are in YOUR country because after all, they are living the way you are suppose to and you are not according to Islam. By inviting Islam, you invite trouble and you invite people who have the desire to conquer your society and change it.. This has been the entire history of islam and nothing has changed.

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