Wife of Vladimir Putin's spokesman does a Holocaust Themed dance Routine whilst Skating on a TV Show

Posted by moku 2 years ago in News
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The wife of Vladimir Putin's spokesman caused outrage after performing a holocaust- themed ice skating performance.

Tatyana Navka and her partner Andrew Burkovsjy take each other's hands and start their routine - which features a mime of people being shot - wearing the same striped pyjamas as death camp prisoners, complete with the Star Of David emblazoned on to show that they are Jewish.

The pair were competing on the Russian television programme Ice Age.

Ms Navka, who won Winter Olympic gold in 2006 and is also a two-time world champion, is married to Dmitry Peskov, Putin's chief spin doctor.

For much of the it, they pair have beaming grins on their face that are typical of ice skating, and do spins and twirls that appear to have little in connection with their gruesome theme.

It is not the first time the holocaust has provided a backdrop for a dancing performance this year in Russia, with the nation's equivalent of Dancing With The Stars featured an SS Guard trying to find a young Jewish girl.

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