Muslim man in New Zealand smashes one of his three wives heads with a hammer after she complained he was holding his other wive's hand during a movie

Posted by moku 2 years ago in News
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A man has beat his wife with a hammer after she complained he wasn't holding her hand as they watched a movie, a court heard.

Yasir Mohib, 31, was at home watching a movie with his two wives when one of them asked him why he was holding the other wife's hand, but not hers.

Not happy with the question, Mohib launched an attack on his wife, slapping her in the face and punching her in the head, the court heard.

After the attack, Mohib told the woman the beating wasn't over and to expect another attack after the movie finished.

'We'll finish this after the movie, don't say a word,' he said.

When the movie finished, true to his word, Mohib grabbed a hammer and told his wife 'this is for you'.

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