Black woman lies repeatedly to reporters, video evidence shows why first hand accounts are usually wrong.

Posted by moku 2 years ago in FAIL!
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Watch as a black woman who claims she saw the entire Keith Lamont Scott shooting repeatedly lies to the media in an attempt to act as if the cops were completely wrong and the victim was completely right.

Not only did she lie about a book being in his hand, his hands being up when he exited the vehicle, that he didn't have a gun he had a book, and that the man was actually shot by a white cop in the black cop didn't arrive until 15 minutes later despite being in the video the entire time of the incident.

This is why groups such as Black lives matter continue to get support from those who do not look into each of these shootings. Lies from people within the community who act as if everything they claim they saw actually happened when according to statistics first-hand accounts are generally wrong, and the people that claim they saw it first hand generally weren't even in the vicinity. This woman is a liar!

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