SICKENING! ISIS forces children to watch as they throw gay man from a building, simply for being gay

Posted by moku 3 years ago in War
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As Leftists and so-called social justice warriors police gender pronouns and force Christian bakers to violate their religious convictions, gay men in Syria are literally getting thrown off buildings. In the Syrian city of Manbij, children were forced to gather around a tall building and watch as ISIS militants threw men convicted of homosexuality off rooftops.

The “sodomy” offense carries a penalty of capital punishment in territories run by the Islamic State. The man killed in Syria was thrown off a high building in front of a crowd of dozens of onlookers, mainly children. His body was stoned as well.

“The young man was taken by the masked militants to the top of the building and threw him blindfolded,” one eyewitness told Abna News Agency..

According to local activist Nasser Taljbini, “The man was thrown brutally by ISIS masked members from the top of the building in the city and then “the corpse of the victim was transferred to an unknown destination.” He added, “The barbaric execution took place in front of hundreds of people.”

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