Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin wants to strip Americans of due process in order for liberals to pass new gun laws

Posted by moku 3 years ago in News
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Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) speaking about due process & gun control. He goes on to recognize that most legal gun owners are not a problem.

nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation." Art. V US Constitution.

I see the bigger picture here, while the 2nd amendment is important and should be protected, as all the amendments should, but to allow the government the power to arbitrarily put people on a list that will prevent them from exercising their constitutional right without due process is too dangerous a road to travel down.

In order to be added to the terrorist watch list the government only needs to show a 'reasonable suspicion' that you are a or contributing to terrorism. There's no court hearing, no notice, no defendant, no judge. There is no due process, nor a system in place for a person to appeal once they are on the list.

The no fly list is a sub-section of the terrorist watch list, in that there is more evidence that you are a danger to aviation. The no buy list for guns, first already exists in some form. If a person is on the terror watch list and buys a gun it is flagged by the FBI, only the person is not denied the gun purchase but the FBI has notice that he bought a gun. The FBI director stated this week that if we deny the gun purchase it will tip off the person that they are being investigated.

Regardless if you support the proposed no buy list for guns, I'd hope that more people agree that you cannot deny someone due process under the constitution. If your for a gun ban, this is not the way to go. Remember it won't always be in your favor, and once the government starts down this road they won't stop. Next, we'll be told if your too dangerous to fly, to dangerous to own a gun, then your too dangerous to vote, or drive a car, or be in society, or work in a school etc. etc.

Now, if a person is investigated and arrested and goes through a trial and is found guilty then I have no issues w/ the government taking away their rights. But I will never agree that a persons rights can be denied simply because of a 'reasonable suspicion' by a bureaucrat in Washington without due process.

President Obama said we need to decide what king of society we want to live in. For me, I will choose to take the risk of having a tragic shooting such as Orlando, over denying citizens rights without due process because the latter will result in far more death and destruction in the end.

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