Boy repeatedly stabbed on bus by man who grudged over his father

Posted by Heisenberg 2 years ago in News
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A 10-year-old boy was repeatedly stabbed 12 times by a man on his way to a school in central China’s Hunan Province on June 13, 2016. The horrific incident was captured by a surveillance camera. The boy is the son of a medical staff member in Yuejiaqiao Hospital. When he took the public bus on his way to school, the attacker, who was a patient in the hospital, stalked him. Minutes after they sat down, the attacker pulled out a knife and attacked the boy repeatedly, the surveillance video in the bus showed. The other passengers on the bus reacted in horror and others panicked. Finally, the bus driver stepped in to stop the man. Police have detained the man and are investigating the incident in the name of attempted murder. The boy has undergone emergency treatment. His condition is said to be stable and he is recovering. According to Legal Evening News, the suspect is a 50-year-old single man who is suffering from emphysema and coronary disease. He was hospitalized in Yuejiaqiao Hospital but had some disputes over reimbursement of $45 with the cashier at the hospital. The boy is cashier’s son, the paper said. The incident triggered national rage.

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