This gay English Professor raised by lesbians opposes same-sex parenting, was chased off campus for doing so

Posted by moku 2 years ago in Politics
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Even when one can check off a few “minority” or “marginalized” boxes, if they have their own opinions that run afoul of the party line, they’re the enemy.

Case in point: Professor Robert Lopez of California State University Northridge, who has been harassed and vilified by students and peers to the point that he can’t stand his work environment anymore and he is leaving his position as an English professor — and the safety of tenure with it.

That Lopez is bisexual and a Latino — and the only male Latino teaching in the English department — means nothing to the campus Brownshirts who have accused of him being a CIA operative, an evil conservative, and much more.

There was the time someone left deep grooves in his office door to deface his Army stickers (he is also a veteran of the U.S. Army Reserves). Or there was the time he faced suspension for sending students to a pro-traditional family conference.

Earlier this year, when Lopez openly criticized a controversial Chicano Studies mural on campus that features a fang-toothed border patrol agent with a club in his hand grabbing a migrant worker, an upside down American flag, and pro-abortion messages, he was maliciously attacked by a fellow CSUN professor in an email chain.

“There is an appropo [sic] saying that pertains to the English lecturer, Robert Lopez, no lo conocen ni en su casa. Would it matter to students if he dropped dead? Like the tree in the forest that no one hears fall, he does not exist. This is the problem when anyone with credentials can claim to speak for a group,” stated the email, a copy of which was obtained by The College Fix.

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