Indian father chops off 17 yr old's hands for raping his 7 month old daughter

Posted by moku 3 years ago in News
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A father in India has chopped off the hands of a man who was accused of raping his seven-month-old daughter.

Parminder Singh, 25, is said to have beaten the 17-year old man, tied him to a tree, and hacked off both his hands, before leaving him abandoned next to a canal.

The younger man was accused of molesting a baby in 2014, after allegedly being caught in the act by the baby's mother.

Police sent him to a juvenile remedial home as he awaited trial.

On April 19, he was making a court appearance in the Bathinda district of Punjab, when the baby's father apparently lured him away by offering him an out of court settlement.

Swapan Sharma, a senior police officer of Bathinda said: 'He (the father) took him near a dried up canal, beat him up badly and then tied him to a tree and finally hacked his hands off.

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