Does Ted Cruz have a twin sister? This girl on Maury looks just like him

Posted by moku 3 years ago in Funny
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Senator Ted Cruz has made tons of TV appearances throughout the presidential election, but did he appear on Maury Povich’s talk show?

The internet is going wild over a guest on the Maury show who apparently looks pretty much identical to the 45-year-old Republican presidential candidate. The woman, known by her first name Searcy, appeared on the Monday, April 18, episode with her boyfriend, who claimed their son wasn’t really his.

The Cruz look-alike went viral after a photo of her from the talk show was posted to a pro–Donald Trump Reddit page earlier this week. The official Maury Twitter account even shared the image and wrote: “Ted Cruz in drag on Maury? The Lie Detector Test determined that was a LIE! Ted’s NOT that SEXY! #PrimaryDay #Maury.”

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