Libtarded Bernie Sanders supporter owes $226k in loans so she can be a 'speech pathologist'

Posted by moku 3 years ago in News
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This is Lindsay Zissis. Lindsay is not very smart. She took out $227,000 dollars in government loans so she can study to be a ‘speech pathologist’, whatever that is. Google tells us that the average salary for a speech pathologist is around 70 grand, but Lindsay here thinks all of you hard working stiffs should pay for her education. See her nifty sign she is holding at a New York Bernie event. Are you guys feeling the Bern yet?

Hollywood star Shailene Woodley posted the video on her Twitter. Woodley is a Bernie supporter and is most known for her role in Divergent ,which is fitting, since under a Sanders’ Presidency, society would be broken down into groups, rich vs poor, blacks vs whites, gays vs straight, trans vs straight, pansexual vs straight, you get the picture.

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