High School Pep Rally Goes Horribly Wrong As Performer Catches On Fire

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We have all heard this warning from Mom- Do Not Play with Fire! Jubilations turned turtle at the Atlantic High School Pep Rally, and tears flowed, as much from pain and grief, as from the smoke that cast a pall of gloom over the celebrations.

Delray Beach, South Florida was the venue for the Atlantic High School Pep Rally, when matters got out of hand. Expert pyrotechnics were on display, when out of the blue, during the professional fire-breathing act, the lead person somehow managed to light himself up. It was clearly a question of “breathing fire!” (Pun intended). He was rushed to the Delray Medical Center with severe burns (categorized as ‘trauma stage’), and is still under treatment there.

The conflagration was not contained to just this one man…seven others( students from the school) suffered some trauma from either smoke inhalation, or from the powder and materials from the fire extinguishers, which were put to handy use by the school authorities. (This came from the Delray Beach Fire Department Captain). This prevented the fire from taking on a more gruesome turn. Thankfully, there was no panic rush for the door, and no casualties were reported.

The situation is now under control, and the school is resuming normal activity, with classes back on track. The injured are being attended to at outlying medical facilities.

By Zack

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