Deaf driver getting discriminated at a drive thru of a McDonald in Columbus, Nebraska

Posted by Heisenberg 3 years ago in WTF
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This is a video captured by Jonathan Ramos as he made a drive through at a McDonald located in Columbus, Nebraska during January 2nd. He is Deaf and wanted to make an order. Normally Deaf people would drive past the speakers straight to the window then hand over a written note or display the order off the screen of a smartphone. The cashier would put in the order for the next window to deliver the order. Jonathan told me that prior to the recording, he displayed his order on his phone to the window then begun the recording after this person has not returned to the window after a while. He has stated that there were problems between him and that particular McDonald since last June. After the end of the video, a police officer appeared and issued a ticket to Jonathan and warned him that he is not to be allowed to return to McDonald or be cited for trespassing. In a way, it is a discrimination because Jonathan is being singled out as someone who is Deaf. It does appear in this video that the employees were being extremely rude to a Deaf person by yelling at him while being aware that the driver is Deaf. If it is proven that Jonathan has been disruptive (as not shown in the video) before the recording begun, then he is at fault and is treated as someone who is being disruptive to a private property and it was within the location's rights to refuse service and have the police to escort this person away.

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