EXPOSED! Google Dropped its "Do Not Evil" Motto, now BUSTED GIVING Pedophile Searches and Ads on Results with CP on PedoTube

Posted by moku 12 months ago in News
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Once again the liberal owned company, Google, has been caught red-handed promoting pedophilia! This time the search engine giant has been exposed as not only are allowing pedophile searches on its numerous websites, but they also include them as suggestions before your even finished typing in which are looking for.

Now, a few months ago Google openly admitted that they have the ability to create and remove any search terms they wish within a matter of seconds. Which makes you wonder why Google has yet to remove the search terms even after massive outrage from those on the right. While those in the left continue to defend pedophiles as nothing more than a sexual preference. We see Woodside Google has picked in this battle, pedophilia.

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